Colin Francis

Grad Student, neurokin




 Presently attend Simon Fraser University in the faculty of Biomedical physiology and Kinesiology. Persuing Thesis MSc. in the Neurokinesiology lab with Dr. Andy Hoffer (senior supervisor). Aquired  BSc PT in the faculty of Medical Sciences University of the West Indies, Jamaica WI. 

Hobbies include motor sports, more specifically drag and circuit racing. I also enjoy sailing (most recent hobby). In the earlyer days I flew single engine cessna aircrafts which came in a close second to my motor sports hobby. The hobby I most often indulge in is partying with friends. I enjoy good music & going dancing with my wife and friends. Shopping is my number one method for dealing with stress...so I shop a lot (even if its just eye shopping).

I worked with Cable and Wireless Jamaica Ltd. for 7 years as an external plant engineer after which I worked with my father's company as an achitectual engineer for 3 years. My keen interest in the medical sciences lead me to persue a career in that feild. I am most interested in neuro-science and have a seemingly unquenchable desire for knowledge in this area. As such it was fitting that I be in the neurokinesiology lab working alongside persons with similar interests.

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